Welcome to re:generation at Mount Zion Baptist Church. 

re:generation is a bible-based discipleship program offering healing, recovery, and freedom from any type of struggle.

The reality is that we all experience brokenness in this life.

You’re not alone. We all have struggles to overcome. Whether big or small, these destructive thoughts and habits hold us back from the life we want—and the life God calls us to live.

The good news is that God loves you, wants to heal you, and has a plan for you.

Change Is Possible. You can find freedom from addictions, past hurts, or destructive patterns. 

Learn more about the freedom available through re:generation,
and hear stories of people who have found freedom. 

You are not alone.


Tracy Reynolds is the director of Re:generation at Mount Zion Baptist Church. He is the husband of Sherry and father to Kelsey, Colette, Chloe and Garrett. He came to Christ at the young age of 7, began wandering as a prodigal during college and was redeemed years later after struggling with alcohol addiction. 

Tracy suffered from deep emotional pain associated with abandonment issues resulting from never knowing his biological father and being left by his mother when he was two years old. These emotional issues led to extremely high levels of anxiety. 

During his college years, instead of turning to Christ, he turned to alcohol to deal with the anxiety, not realizing the long term effects and possibility of becoming addicted. After years of struggling with the addiction and trying everyway possible to overcome it, God answered a prayer and provided a miracle by completely removing his desire to consume alcohol. He is fully aware of the struggles of addiction and is ready and willing to help all who are hurting from addiction find their way to Christ through this Re:generation.