The leadership and facilitators of Hope Ministry, and Mount Zion Baptist Church as a whole, desire to encourage, support and walk alongside families in such a way that no family suffers the trauma of divorce. 

If you have already experienced the heartbreak of divorce we are so very sorry. Hope Ministry is here to help you find the comfort and Hope needed to move forward. 

If your marriage is currently in crisis we want to support, encourage, and help you find resources to work toward the healing and reconciliation that are possible through Jesus Christ. Please consider participating in our Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce program before you decide to divorce.

We are so thankful you are taking time to consider reaching out for support through Hope Ministry.  Please take the next step by reaching out to us. We look forward to walking alongside you. 


Clay and Deana Dayton have both experienced the pain and trials of divorce.  They have two children and four grandchildren.  Both are retired and enjoy family and the outdoors.

Other believers, God’s love, and His word have brought them through an array of divorce pitfalls and fallout.  The sustaining hope of Jesus has brought healing and restoration to their lives.  

Each road to recovery is unique but the common denominator is godly principals built and sustained on God’s word.  They look forward to sharing the hope of Christ centered guidance as the foundation for successful healing.

Clay and Deana are not trained counselors or teachers but have a desire to share the good news and hope of healing through Jesus Christ.