We understand how hard the holiday season can be for hurting people. In the midst of your sorrow the festivities of the season can compound feelings of aloneness and isolation. 

If you are struggling this holiday season you are invited to join us for this holiday event specifically for hurting people. Whatever the source of your pain or sorrow this evening is an opportunity for you to gather with others also in a season of hurting.

We will gather in the sanctuary for a worship service where we will be encouraged through music and a Biblical message of Hope followed by candle lighting. Together we will acknowledge the reality of pain and suffering, remind ourselves of the Hope available to us, and worship the Giver of that Hope.

You can freely attend without any pressure to talk to or interact with anyone, but there will be information tables in the entry area where you can go after the service to learn more about free support groups and resources available for a number of life challenges. We would love to meet you there. 

It is our prayer that this evening will be a powerful encouragement to all who are hurting among us.

Please Note: Since a number of those attending are grieving the loss of babies and children we compassionately request on their behalf that babies and young children unable to sit quietly through the service not be brought. 

We deeply appreciate your understanding.